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Painting Parties

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McArt à la Carte Fun Arts Survey!

Before we open our shop in the Spring, we want to know what YOU want! Please help us by taking this short survey, and thanks! Each question on the survey is optional, so fill out as much as you’d like.


Manga Class at Appel Farm

It is such an honor to be teaching classes at Appel Farm! Their contribution to the arts is legendary, and it excites and inspires us to be part of their incredible community. Appel Farm’s mission is rooted in the belief that the arts are an exciting and essential part of…


Gemma’s Jewelry Birthday Party

We had fun making colorful necklaces and bracelets today for Gemma’s birthday!


A Kickstarter Thank YOU!

A simple and profound THANK YOU! We are so excited and so humbled by your response to this Kickstarter project. We’ll never forget every person who shared, backed, or encouraged this project every step of the way. Thank you for taking the time to understand what our project was about…


Josh’s Lego Painting Party!

Remember, we can bring the party to YOU*! We’re there to reduce your Party Stress: kids have fun creating their own mini-masterpiece (a built-in party favor)! *We also do Painting Parties for grown-ups  


Fun with Pixel Art: A ‘Mind’ Craft

We got schooled today on biomes, mobs, armor, axes, smelting, and pigs while creating crafty pixel art! Pretty sure we were called noobs a couple of times, but that’s ok.



TIME TO DO A HIGH KICK!!!!!!!!!! McArt à la Carte Kickstart has been FUNDED!!!! The biggest THANK YOU in the world to every one of you!!!   Time to Stretch! Our ‘We Are Funded! Reward’ has been UNLOCKED!  

Bob Ross and his Happy Little Tree

Kickstarter Week 2 UPDATE! and a Happy little Halloween

We hope you all had a Bob Ross-ome (calm and creative) Halloween! As this project progresses from the 2nd week into the 3rd, we’ve been trying to take Bob’s advice: “Let it happen, let it happen…that’s when it’s fun.” Every share and every new pledge is exciting, and we are…


Kickstarter Week 1 UPDATE!

WOOHOOO!! With the help of over 50 backers, we are MORE THAN A THIRD of the way to our goal! This would not be without YOU–thank you from the bottom of our hearts! If we keep going at this pace, we will reach our mark a week ahead of schedule!…


Fall Fun Painting Party in Pitman

Fall colors are the best, in our opinion. We decided to celebrate them with a painting party!