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McArt à la Carte KickStart!

We’re doing a Kickstarter and we need YOUR help! We want to start a Fun Arts Center to host art classes and parties for ages 5-105! Our shop will be a gallery and design studio for people to come together for workshops, painting parties, creative gifts, and an inspiring menagerie…


Kickstarter Day 5 Update: 30 Backers, $1506 pledged, with 26 days to go!

Shown above is one of our fun backer rewards!   Kickstarter is all or nothing, so if we don’t reach our $7000 goal, we don’t receive any of it. Please consider backing this project: we promise an artsy reward in return for your pledge (check out all our Rewards Levels)!…


Drawing Dinos & Robots in Pitman

What do you like better, dinosaurs or robots? Me, I like them both, and I like drawing them as much as possible! Today we drew robots with all sorts of cool functions and dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes.


Star Wars Reads Day!

We had an awesome time making lightsabers for Star Wars Reads Day at the Woodbury Public Library today!    


Alli’s Cupcake & Ice Cream Painting Party!

Is there anything more fun than cupcakes & ice cream? Well, painting them with little faces and glitter might just take the cake!


Meet Your Area Authors at the Franklin Twp Library

Tomorrow night! Join us at the Franklin Twp Library for Meet Your Area Authors event! There will be other authors signing books as well. Here’s the official invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/1432528883638539/


McArt Camp 2

Having a blast in our second camp this summer!


Art with the Artists: Andy Warhol

We learned a lot about Andy Warhol yesterday! Did you know he created the term “superstar?”


LEGO Painting Party!

These artists know how to be creative while customizing their own minifigure paintings! Awesome!!!