Jenifer Stern



Jenifer R. Stern was born in 1974 in Mesa, Arizona. Far from the stereotypical barrenness,
Stern’s youthful desert was populated with layers of wonders and creatures, some of whom
only she could see. Early attempts to capture their likeness in drawings gave way to the
more satisfying third dimension of sculpture.

Stern’s mixed-media sculptures raise questions about identity and how we define ourselves
within contemporary culture. Her figurative work is an interpretation of the many facets of
identity, which she addresses with a multi-layered approach to building form. Stern’s
sculptures are a visual experience of how emotions, chance impressions, and pivotal
experiences mold and alter us. Recognizable and yet alien, her work traverses
the landscape of her own experiences and observations.

Stern received a BFA in Sculpture from Arizona State University in 2005, her MFA in Sculpture
at the Academy of Art University in 2011, and her Art Education Teaching Certificate at Moore College of Art in 2013. She is currently creating and teaching art and resides in South New Jersey with her son and her father.

Her sculptures are figurative and organic with a surreal twist. Her paintings are usually blurry, dreamy, and soft-focus pieces of either landscapes or animal/figure in a landscape.

You can see more of her work here: