Kelly Budesa



Kelly is a graduate of Rutgers University, where she received a BA in Photography and Studio Art. She teaches workshops and sells her work on Etsy as well as at local shops and venues throughout South Jersey.

Artist’s Statement:

I adore rustic wood decor. I love the look of the distressed edges. Its textured surface has a worn and torn, vintage vibe. Rustic is earthy and feels like home.

A rustic atmosphere is what I try to create in my own home, and by doing so I have found that sometimes I want a little extra pop of color or art to add a finishing touch to a room, desk, table, or shelf. My coasters do just that.

I am a photographer, illustrator, painter, and graphic designer. Some might even tell me that I could add carpenter to that list. I fear no medium or tool. I use as many different ideas and materials as I can to create beautifully rustic and unique coasters so you can add the perfect finishing touch to your home.