Daniel Chard



After a long commitment to geometric abstraction, I began painting the rural landscapes of South Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania in 1979.   That same year,  I began what became a thirty five-year affiliation with the O. K. Harris Gallery in the SoHo section of New York City that includes nine solo exhibitions. O. K. Harris provided a highly articulated context for contemporary exhibitions, built from four decades of exhibitions of the highest quality.

Through three decades of realist landscape painting, my paintings have moved from a sympathetic documentary appearance–akin to the Hudson River School–to greater complexity in structure and temperament, with a process involving extensive in-progress revisions.

That was painting, dealing with traditional media.  Enter the digital age. Much has been happening with the creative process. Ultimately, art making is about ideas; and now ideas are flowing with the computer, showing a further connection among all the work I have done – back to abstraction. The flow and precision of the new work is mesmerizing – for me. All the spatial ingredients of landscape space and the visual language are operating with the new imagery. And it’s original. There is a sense of working with painting space, yet not working with familiar territory. The phenomena is there in front of me, immediate and precise.

I’m riding the wave.


You can see more here: http://www.danielchard.com/